On a recent note, published by YouTube on April 6th 2017, it had made some drastic changes in its policy for monetization which is going to have a great impact on many aspiring YouTubers. For the past few years, many people around the world have been making a decent income from the earnings of YouTube. YouTube Ads, Affiliate marketing and Brand deals have enabled many YouTubers to continue making videos for their life as the main source of income. But, we are also aware of the change in policies that YouTube often brings to its creators and audiences. One such policy is that the new creators who join the YouTube Partner Program which is also known as YPP, needs to have minimum of 10,000 views before they can monetize their channel. Many people take YouTube more seriously nowadays and its not just a hobby, rather its the main source of income now.

YouTube is proud of the previous change that they made in protecting the content of creators where anyone can report the impersonating channels and YouTube will make sure to have a check on it as soon as possible. It was great initiative as we have seen more duplicate channels flooded in the internet with unnecessary repetitive content. That single initiative has helped YouTube to eradicate thousands of duplicate channels and they will believe that this new policy is also going to bring such a positive change to the community.

Within a few weeks, there will be a review process for the new channels that register with the YouTube Partner Program and once the channel hits 10K lifetime views following all the community guidelines, the channel will be approved for the monetization. You can check if you are eligible or not by logging in to the creator studio and have a look at the Monetization option which is under channel tab.

“We want creators of all sizes to find opportunity on YouTube, and we believe this new application process will help ensure creator revenue continues¬†to grow and end up in the right hands.”

Analyzing The Situation:

10K views is surely not an easy task for new channels , but its not impossible too. With a better quality and regular uploading of the content, you can easily pass the threshold within 4 months. The problem arises as during this time period, you will not be able to make any money out of it. 10K views is not going to make you big money. It should be somewhere around $12-$20. When you don’t have much ads, in the channel, more people will watch your videos for sure. It helps in growing the channel and also its the right time to experiment different things in the channel. Personally, I have seen lots of duplicate channels trying to promote the same content everyone and this policy is definitely going to be a check for all those bad people out there. Even if they reach 10K views with ease, now they will undergo a screening or review process where they could be screwed right in the ass. So overall, I feel this policy is going to bring a positive change in the YouTube community and if you upload quality content regularly, you will not have much problem with this policy. Make sure to aspire your dreams even if you have to face so many hardships. At the end, its all worth it!!

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