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In this page you can find all the videos that I have produced, created and collaborated for YouTube and other sources. Feel free to watch them in YouTube and let me know your comments. Don’t forget to leave a like and its absolutely free to SUBSCRIBE to my channel!!

1. Hanoi, Vietnam:

2. When you can have dinner for less than $1, you should definitely record a video.

3. Kuwait- The Country I Legend was born!!

Read the article about my experience in Kuwait here:

4. My Love For Street Food Can’t Be Expressed In Words:

Recently, I just started a mobile gaming channel which includes the screen capture of all my favourite games that I play. Feel free to have a look at the channel and if you like it, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE too!!

1. Gardenscapes Episode 1 :Literally, I just started playing!!

2. FarmVille Tropic Escape Episode 1: