Vietnamese Special Coffee – Coconut And Fermented Rice Yogurt Coffee

Knock Knock!! Any coffee lovers here?? In this article, I tried the famous Vietnamese coconut coffee and the infamous fermented rice yogurt coffee with my friends in the famous Vietnamese Coffee Shop – I don’t remember the name now, but its definitely famous and it is a coffee shop. I have been asked if I was on a date with these girls ( I just asked myself) . We met at the hostel, went for lunch together, then went for a coffee, had a walk around the lake area, saw some Korean music and magic show, some chitchat sessions.That’s it!! But on a careful evaluation, it sounds like a good date too. Triple Date!! Plus one more!! Forgetting what happened on that mysterious night, let’s talk about the coffee again. I will let you to imagine with all your creative minds.

After having a great dinner Bun Bo Nam Bo, we decided to go for a coffee, although our stomachs were pretty full. But nothing was going to stop us from trying the famous Vietnamese coffee. Being a hardcore coffee fan, I have tried the normal Vietnamese coffee multiple times before. We started walking towards the St. Joseph Cathedral which is around 10 mins walk from the Hoan Kiem Lake and Diep mentioned us that there is coffee shop nearby the cathedral. The shop was pretty easy to spot and it’s a small one. But, I loved the atmosphere and the interior design of the shop.  After having a look at the menu, we decided to try the infamous Fermented Rice Yogurt Coffee and the famous Coconut Coffee. We just ordered two and decided to share as it we were pretty full after a good lunch. It costs us around 100K for both these coffee and Diep wanted to pay the bill as we paid for her Lunch. Vietnamese Hospitality!! I am not surprised anymore.

We got our coffee in the table in 15 mins and you can expect how eager I was to try the coffee. The first coffee which we tried was Fermented Rice and Yogurt Coffee. As one of my friend mentions, it is weird at the beginning, but nice at the end. Of course, she was saying about the coffee!! Personally, I didn’t like it, as I don’t like Yogurt in the coffee or the coffee in the yogurt. It cost us less than 60K Dong which should be around less than $3 or 3 GBP or 180 INR . Diep also teaches us how to drink the coffee and you can follow that next time when you go to Vietnam. I was unable to swallow it and this is the moment, I respect those girls. I was much more excited to try coconut coffee now because for some reason, I knew that was going to be good.

The second coffee is the Vietnamese Special Coconut Coffee. This is my personal favorite and being a South Indian who grew up in coconut trees ( Atleast most people think in that way after watching one Mollywood movie in their life), coconut always fascinates me. Everyone of us enjoyed it and it was time for Diep to leave for her work. I wanted to see how they make the coconut coffee. So, I smiled at the guy and asked him if I can record a video. He was more happy to be in the video and he let me record it. I was able to notice that coconut coffee is pretty famous over here as he made so many cups in regular intervals. During this time, my friends visited the cathedral and I decided to join them too. We started to walk toward the lake area as one of my friend wanted to see a water puppet show. But I noticed something big happening on the other side of the lake. We checked it out there and saw that there is an event about to take place in few minutes – Korea Days in Hanoi. We waited there for a solid 30 minutes to see the performances and the crowd started getting bigger as time passed by.


I spent more than 1 hour watching all the performances and then decided to go back to the hostel. It started off with a magic performance and at one point, he vowed everyone in the audience with a single trick. Then came different performances which where spectacular to watch on. I started falling in love with Korea and decided I need to backpack there as soon as possible. My bank balance started laughing at me, but I didn’t care. In short,Vietnam is famous for so many different kinds of coffee and make sure to try it all, if you are a coffee lover. Make sure to watch the short video, of how they make the coconut coffee and it is exclusively available to only those who watch it.

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