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Before diving into the review of The Sticks in Kuala Kubu Bharu, Malaysia and the Worldpackers, let me introduce about Glamping to you. Glamping is a style of camping with all the luxuries of the hotel accommodation along with the “escapism” of the city life and adventure of camping. The history of the glamping dates back in the sixteenth century, where the Scottish Duke of Atholl arranged a glamping experience in the Highlands for the visiting King James V and his mother.

The Sticks is located in Kuala Kubu Bharu in Malaysia which is around 1 hour travel from KL. You can read more in detail on how to reach The Sticks and Kuala Kubu Bharu here. “Get Lost Naturally” is the motto of The Sticks and you will understand once you come over here. You have variety of activities to try out in this jungle and also some famous tourist destinations are located nearby.

I always knew that my backpacking should be different from the normal ones. Hence, I decided to start it off with this place. The primary focus of my backpacking is the people, culture and food. Living in a jungle sounds great, but I was also aware of the challenges to overcome. I found this website – Worldpackers through one of my university friend in Facebook. I liked the motive behind it and decided to give it a try.

As you can see in the picture, The Sticks has requested the backpacker 24 hours per week to help them out with Housekeeping, Kitchen hand, Tour guide and the Reception. So basically it’s around 5 hours per week, as you get two days off. They require the backpacker to stay at their place for a minimum of 2 weeks, which can be negotiated. In terms of language, they look for the backpackers who are intermediate in English or at least a beginner in Malay.

As for the backpacker, he/she gets 2 days off per week and free accommodation in the team dorm provided with free breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, you get to stay in the glamping tendoks for a night for every one week of stay here and it depends on the availability of the rooms too.

Now it’s time to start reviewing the above said words and I request you to read it completely to get an overview of this opportunity.

1. What you need to offer:

It was really different from what was mentioned in the initial days. I believe that this happened because of the communication gap between the persons who are behind The Sticks. I remember volunteering for even more than 8 hours per day at the first week. But, once I made them aware of the agreement, it was cut short to 5 hours and they were really cooperative. So, if you feel at any time you are doing more than the agreed hours, just let them know and they will work it out for you. Also, pretty much you do everything as mentioned but also sometimes you will be asked to do other tasks. I did cut down a few bamboos and also did gardening which was not mentioned in the agreement. At first, it sounded fun to me, but it is definitely  a hard job under the burning sun of Malaysia. When I look back now, I am glad to experience that, but I am sure it’s not for everyone. So………..?

As discussed you get everything mentioned above. You need to decide and ask for the two days off as convenient for you, as it is difficult for them to keep a track of it. You can have a look at the team dorm from my YouTube channel. It’s not too fancy and please don’t complain if you find insects. After all, you live in a jungle! I was “ok” with the private room and you get to interact with other staffs as they live in the next door. Food is absolutely the best here. You get to try different dishes each day and you eat it with other staffs. They have a fixed time for lunch and dinner, which I felt is really good, but not for breakfast. Also, I don’t think they are aware of the tendok stay, so you need to mention about it, if you want have an experience. Free trekking, botanical tour and ride on the water was provided for free which was not mentioned before.

3. Worldpackers Review:

I pretty much like the concept of this website and it is handy for backpackers like me. But there are still some flaws which can be corrected. Worldpackers really depend on the first time travellers to find out about the place listed on the site. So, it would be better to have a discounted price for the travellers who are taking the risk to travel to that location for the very first time. Also, on comparing other sites, they don’t charge a membership fee to join the site. But the loop hole is they charge you for every booking until you make 6 stays. And the price is different for different locations and projects. Maybe, they could make a same price for all the locations, which will benefit the travelers more or just make a membership fee for once. All I know about Worlpackers, is that they strive hard to make the experience smooth and better for the travelers worldwide.

To make it short, I can definitely guarantee you that this experience is not for everyone. But I had a great time and the staffs are absolutely the best. Once, I left Malaysia, I knew that I had a family to come back to at any time. They took care of me so well and I would rate 8.5/10 for my time over here. The environment is definitely challenging and so does the weather. You need to be prepared to face them and when you do; you will have a better time over here. I would rate 7.8/10 for Worldpackers and if they make some more minor changes, it would definitely be backpacker’s friendly.


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