Million Dong Dinner – Vietnam Food Market!! How Much Calories Did I Just Eat?

I decided to discover the Vietnam food market in Hanoi and you can see how much food I had for my dinner – My Million Dong  Dinner. Dong is the currency used in Vietnam and 1 Dong equals to 29K GBP. This was one of my most expensive (since I had more in quantity) and surely the million dong dinner in my backpacking trip. There is nothing more exciting than trying out the street food from different vendors. I am not even sure, how many calories I had in that day. If you are able to calculate, feel free to comment below. I will also list the prices down here individually so that you get an estimate of how much the food costs in Hanoi and you can be prepared for it before your travel.

In the video, you can see the foods displayed in the shop ranging from western to Korean dishes in the row. The potato chips will cost you 10K which is least priced option and the costliest one would be sushi and Choco crepe which is around 30K Dong. 10K Dong is around 30 INR.

Pork BBQ = 10K

Choco Crepe = 10K

Coffee = 30K

Pho = 30-60K

Water = 15K

Cheese Stick = 10K

Chicken Skewers = 10K

Bun Bo Nam Bo = 60K

Korean dish is actually rice with quail eggs and you can also get without quail eggs if you are a vegetarian. It costs me around me 20K.Hanoi Weekend Market is on Friday – Sunday. You find two stretches of road just filled with so many shops, especially clothes. If you walk on one side of the road, you will reach Don Xuang Market in the end. But, if you take the other side, you will reach the Hoan Kiem Lake at the end. Both has a single street food shop which serves similar dishes. And as you can see most of these dishes are not the local Vietnamese food. But you will still love it. Who can ever hate a cheese stick? Once you reach the lake area, you will be offered with much more options further. If you want to try Vietnamese food, its better to try from Old quarter when you are in Hanoi. You are never going to be hungry in Hanoi as the food is cheap and you find everything from Kebab to Bun Bo Nam Bo.

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