Backpacking Jobs – A New Initiative For All Backpackers and Travelers

Wohoo!! Excited about the new initiative which is for all my backpackers and travelers? I will be posting Backpacking Jobs on my website from this month and you no longer have to worry about where to volunteer on your journey to the next backpacking destination. So what is backpacking jobs and how does it really help you? There are dozens of questions that could pop up in your head when you start thinking about these opportunities. My first backpacking volunteering job was in Malaysia where I volunteered in a Glamping site known as The Sticks in Kuala Kubu Bharu. I have the best memories of my life when I stayed over there and it was a total life changing moment staying with a new family in a new environment. You can read more about my experience in The Sticks here.

Managing your budget is one of the important aspect when you backpack. You never know when there could be expenses and you always need to be efficient and clever in managing your expenses. The more you are good with money, the more you can travel. I have seen both kinds of people and have been with them during my travel. When I decided to travel, I knew that it was not just about seeing places and ticking it off from my bucket list. To me, it was about creating a difference where I am in and at the same time appreciating the culture, food and everything about the country. The only way, I can learn more about a place is to stay and live with a local family. Believe me, no websites or books will explain you better than a person who has experienced in living there for a while. When those thoughts along with budgeting came into mind, I thought about volunteering at the countries that I travel to. I started researching about the volunteering opportunities across internet and came across websites which almost rips anyone off. Believe me, just travel to the country where you want to and there are people who are looking for helping hands in their startups. I came across Workaway and Worldpackers during my research and both of them seem to be nice. Workaway is an established site and there were many opportunities to look for, whereas Worldpackers was a budding one. I believed in latter option as it was easy to get accepted in the opportunities published in the site. At the same time, since they were new, I knew that they will strive hard to make it easy for backpackers.

I applied for the first position where I helped with customer interaction, kitchen, hiking guide etc in this Glamping site – The Sticks. After finishing the opportunity, I looked for other places in a different country. But I had to pay around $50 dollars as a fee for each opportunity that I undertake from Worldpackers. I started thinking that there would be a better option to reduce this cost too. When I was in Vietnam, I just turned up in this hostel to meet the manager and we had a chat for around 10 minutes and I got accepted as a volunteer for 25 days.This was literally the best thing that I did as I met so many nice people and got to do what I love during my travel.

I realized that when I travel, I make some good connections with the hostels and the staffs over there. I also knew that some of the hostels I stayed are looking for helping hands. This is the reason, I decided to start this initiative where I could benefit both the travellers and the host in a meaningful way. You don’t have to pay anything until you are accepted and and having fun in the place you wanted to be. I will be posting opportunities in the site whenever I have one with the collaborated hostel. I will make myself sure that its safe and you are going to have the best time there. In return, you can write me a blog at the beginning and then four blogs when you finish the volunteering. If you wish to donate to support the website, feel free to as it is not compulsory. So let me know if you are looking for any opportunities in this countries or subscribe to the website to keep you alerted whenever there is an opportunity!!

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