Backpacking Around Malaysia Budget & Tips – How Much You Really Need

What makes Malaysia unique from the rest of the backpacking options is the diverse culture, mouth-watering food, breath-taking beaches, dense jungles, modern cities and the list goes on.  Backpacking  around Malaysia is  not as expensive as one thinks and thereby its one of the favorite option for all kinds of backpackers. In this blog, we will cover the basic details that a backpacker looks for when travelling to Malaysia.

Chances are that you will be landing in Kuala Lumpur, which is the capital of Malaysia. Malaysia is multi-cultural and multi ethnic which makes it unique from its neighbors. The national language of Malaysia is Malaysian. English is widely spoken across the country and you will not have much trouble in getting around. Cantonese, Mandarin, Tamil and Thai are few other widely spoken languages. Malaysian Ringgit is the currency used here. One Malaysian ringgit equals to 0.24 dollars or 0.18 pounds or 15 rupees as of September 2017. Check out this latest deals for accommodation in Malaysia and also make sure to check the deals before you make any booking as it can save you some quids.


Now, let’s get started with the budget.

You will be spending around 20-60 MYR for a night in a hostel. To be more precise, 25 ringgits should be fine for a night in a pretty decent hostel. A private room can cost you anywhere more than 60 ringgits per night. Make sure to look for Airbnb options during off season, as there can be some gems out there. Click here to get a $40 discount off on your first stay. After accommodation, comes the food. You can get a meal in the street starting from 5 ringgits. It’s good to have a minimum budget of 35 ringgits for food and a beer per day.

Another unavoidable cost for a backpacker is the transportation. It’s much easier to get around Malaysia and thanks to the government for the improved and easier access to transportation services. A single journey can be anywhere from 3 ringgits to 15 ringgits depending on the distance. Taxis can be comparatively expensive and hence it’s best to use the public transportation.

For tourist attractions, most of them charge less than 20 ringgits. If you need further help with budgeting, feel free to comment below. Overall a backpacker will need to have a minimum budget of 100 ringgits per day to cover up the cost. Expenses can really vary depending on the way you spend the money. I usually try not to blow up all the money  on the first day of my arrival in a country. At the same time, I make sure to make the best of my time in the country I am in.


Eat In Jalan Alor & Shop In Petaling Street

Usually, Malaysia is one of the last stop for backpackers before heading back to their home country. No one can deny how peaceful and easy it is get around Malaysia compared to other South Asian countries. The best part of Malaysia is the street food and no wonder why love at first taste still exists. Make sure to hit the Jalan Alor Street when you are in Kuala Lumpur. A red light district turned food street is one of the famous spots of backpackers. You will find all kinds of cuisine at an affordable price range here. Few of the famous dishes are Assam Laksa, Roti Canai, Apom Balik, Batu Maung Satay and the yummy tummy list can go on forever. So if you are a foodie, never ever miss this street.

The Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur is another must visit for a backpacker if you are looking into shopping something cheap. It’s free to enter and you find products of all kinds here. It’s mainly filled with electronics and textiles. Make sure to bargain as most of the stuffs are imitation products of big brands.  Allocate 2 to 3 hours which will help you to pretty much cover everything in this street.

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