Almost Killed By The Elephants In Malaysia – Backpacking Stories

What if someone told you about the deadly experience of being at the verge of death because of elephants in Malaysia? I wouldn’t believe this story until and unless the guy who was the main character of this story told me about it. When I was staying in the hostel in Malaysia, I met this really cool guy from Argentina in the common room. Everyone in the hostel knew about him because of his relationship with the elephants. But as a newcomer , I was yet to hear the story from him. When we were chilling in the common room, he came to us and told that there is guy at the end of the street who sells really good burgers. Having had my dinner earlier, it didn’t tempt me in the beginning. But, no foodie can resist those tempting words when someone says there is guy who sells good food round the corner for cheap price.

He was really good at selling those burgers to us and two other guys joined him. I followed him after few minutes running like never before for those mysterious burger. We made our journey together to the street shop and we had to wait for 15 minutes to get it ready. But the wait is worth it as I got to know the story. I noticed that he had some injury in the leg and I enquired what it is. He started the story and I could smell the chicken being grilled too. So basically what happened was he and his friend decided to trek in a jungle in Malaysia. Although there was a sign board which mentioned not to enter this particular site of the jungle, due to elephants, he ignored them as he felt adventures at that moment. All of us should have experienced a feel like this before where we feel childish or adventurous to do something crazy without thinking about the outcome.

He started walking with his friend to the jungle and all of a sudden he heard a big noise. He was unable to see his friend and all he could see is a herd of elephants running towards him. He fell on the ground as he started running. The elephants who were not ready to give up ran across him. I was stunned at this point of the story as I expected him to be much more seriously injured.  But miracles do happen and he has experienced one. Out of all the elephants, there was only one elephant which unfortunately hit his leg and his whole leg got fractured for that gentle touch. He described me that as the first elephant ran over his head missing by a chance, he almost felt fainted as he had no hope for life. He finally woke up in hospital and came to know that his friend with the help of the local people helped him reach the hospital. He was also featured in the local radio channels as this was the first time something like this has ever happened. Legend!!

That was a mind blowing story when you hear from the person, who almost experienced death. He said from then he hates elephants, but understood that there are lot more nice people in this world to help and support each one when needed. The hostel and the hostel mates also ensured his health in all possible way. As the story reached the climax, without any big interruptions, the burger man gave us the burger. Believe me, that was one of the best burger that I have ever had. I made sure I visited the same guy next day for another double cheese beef burger!!

PS : I Love Baby Elephants!! Do you?

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