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Hello everyone, I see you stalking me now, but it’s absolutely fine here. I am Ashwin Chithraveni Ashok (Ashwin). I was born in Kuwait and brought up in India. I have lived in three different countries now – Kuwait, India and United Kingdom.Also, I have traveled to Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, England, Scotland,Wales and Kuwait.  Looking back, it’s been a fantastic journey and I decided to share my journey with you through this blog.

A Journey Like Never Before is going to concentrate on three main topics – Travel, Food and Money. Apart from that, it would also consist of some interesting things that happen in my life, things that I am passionate and excited about, pretty much anything that I love to do in this world. More surprises yet to come!

So, I decided to make some changes in the website and I believe that these changes are going to be beneficial for my readers. Previously, I was concentrating on listing my website on the google search engine first page and I was successful at it. I have been getting some good organic views from it and also I started a YouTube channel to document the places that I am travelling too. I decided to concentrate on three main topics from now on and articles related to those subject will be carefully crafted here.


Obviously, the first topic is going to be about Travel. I have been backpacking for more than 2 months now and I have got enough stories to share with you all. Under this category, I will let you know some travel tips, backpacking tips, travel stories and Where to stay. In most of the countries, I have traveled so far, I often received the compliment of being the first  Indian backpacker that they met during their travel. I believe that I will be able to inspire other youngsters like me to travel and explore the world too.I will be also posting travel news and competitions under this category to help you out further. Trust me, everyday is different when you backpack.


Second topic is going to be Food!!!! This is dedicated to all the foodies around the world. One of my main reason to backpack was to explore the street food of various countries. There is something in street food that keeps me attracted always. I fell sick in Thailand, when I had it for the first time, but I was fine later on. I will be also shooting the videos of making the dishes and trying the food with different new hostel mates that I meet during my travel. For example, you can check this video of me and my two dutch friends along with a Vietnamese friend trying the Bom Bo Nam Bo. The video shows the making process at the beginning and then the taster session. You are going to love this category for sure if you are foodie.


Third category is going to be Money covered under the topic Digitalpreneur!!! You can call it digital nomad, but I like to mention it as Digitalpreneur, which is the combination of two words Digital and Entrepreneur. I will let you know various tips on saving money when you travel and how to travel with the money that you have. Travelling is not always expensive, if you can hack it. Also, I will be writing articles on digital currencies which are my favorite topic now. I will be also covering articles on how to make money from social media, from photography and from YouTube. If you have any doubts on any of them, feel free to comment below and I will be glad to help you out.

I hope these new changes will be helpful for all friends and don’t forget to subscribe to the website and the YouTube channel for more updates. Stay  tuned, DigitalBuddies!!

WELCOME TO THE JOURNEY (drum roll here…..)

Like everyone, I am not sure how my journey goes on, but I assure you that it’s going to be an exciting ride that you would be proud to be part of. Join me and let’s travel the journey together.

Let a journey like never before begin!!


“Anyone can lose the confidence in you, but the moment you start losing the confidence in yourself, failure starts winning.”