Every day is going to be a new day, when you are a backpacker. Backpacking is definitely one of the best thing that I did in my life. You learn a lot from the people that you meet during your travel than anywhere else. I still remember the first day of backpacking and I wasn’t sure how the journey was about to go on. But now, I have almost finished more than 60 days of backpacking and each day was absolutely different one. I decided to write down few tips, which I thought will be beneficial to anyone who is going to travel or backpack in the future.  There is nothing to do with the numbers as it is randomly listed.

1. Don’t research about the place too much from the internet. Just have a basic knowledge about the place. It’s much better to explore it over there.

2. Forget about what others say about the people and the place. You meet more awesome people than the bad ones on your entire trip.

3. Try to carry fewer clothes and only the important ones. Too much of unnecessary clothes are going to cause troubles on your way.

4. Make a shortlist of all the important things that you need in the trip before leaving. You can use this checklist to check the items whenever you move out of a place. By this way, you don’t lose your important stuffs.

5. Learn to say yes when needed

6. More importantly, learn to say no too. This could help you during so many times of your backpacking.

7. Carry a minimum number of locks and keys with you. I would recommend around four would be fine. You can purchase the best one which I have been using so far from here.

8. Always have a water bottle in your bag. You don’t need to spent unnecessary money in water. These little expenses can add a lot later. So try to save money from these little stuffs.

9. Give respect and take respect. Respect the people and more importantly respect the culture of the country you are in. You may have different opinions, but don’t let people know about it in a rude way.

10. Shit happens. But keep moving!

11. Make sure to message at least one of your friend or your family member often to keep them updated where you are.

12. Accept food when someone offers. You don’t want to regret it later when you are so hungry. Also, it could be traditional dish which you have never ever tried before. Some people find it offensive when you deny the food offered. So taste a bit at least. You can check more about my craze about street food over here – http://www.ashwincashok.com/index.php/category/food

13. Check my post here for the things to carry with you when you backpack.[[ This post will be live from April 24th]]

14. Try to be hygiene. As a backpacker, I understand that you only get to carry very few clothes. But make sure to wash it as often as possible and keep it hygiene.

15. Backpacking is not just about travelling. It’s also a great way to meet your new friends and family.

16. This tip is for someone who owns a website or a social media savvy. There are few ways you can get free Wi-Fi to keep you connected always. So make use of them. Make sure to look for hostels with free Wi-Fi. Back in Malaysia, when I brought the Celecom sim, I got 10GB of free internet, 200Mb of High Speed Internet, 10 GB of Facebook and 6 MYR credits. So look out for such offers and many local sim cards does offer to its new customers.

17. Make a checklist of all the expenses. This will definitely help you to make sure about the finances all your way.

18. Try having local food and if you are fan of street food, it’s much better. You can eat from high end street foods like McDonald’s, KFC and or drink from Starbucks any time later even back in your home. So it’s better to explore the local cuisine and believe me it’s not going to tear up your wallet.

19. Its fine to drink. In fact, it’s great to drink. But do not be carried away by alcohol. It can land you up in big troubles. I know a backpacker who lost his passport after his “amazing” night. So make sure to keep your valuable possessions safe before consuming too much alcohol.

20. Keep your valuables safely, whenever you go out. Don’t carry them everywhere until and unless it’s really needed.

2. Keep yourself hydrated by consuming enough water. As a backpacker chances are that you tend to walk a lot and hence it’s better to consume enough water to keep you hydrated.

22. Obey the laws of the country you are in. Each country has different rules and laws for its citizens. Being a responsible traveller, it’s your duty to know about them and follow them correctly.

23.  Do not be carried away by always thinking about those bad days you had. Stop worrying. There are better days ahead. And when you backpack, just live your present moment to the fullest.

24. Try to give back to the society when you are backpacking. It doesn’t need to be money. It could be something like teaching English to the kids in the Vietnam, helping a host with their shopping, sharing your knowledge about a place to other fellow travellers or even cooking your country dishes to a new group of people. I always make sure when I travel, I make a difference. So, travel to make a difference!!

25. Dry Leaves can be your villain when you walk in Flip Flops. I have been a prey to this for quite a long time since I started backpacking. It could be dangerous. So watch your steps.

26. Interact with the locals and you will hear more information than in Google. A simple smile is all that is required to start a conversation.

27. Sometimes, you will miss your family or friends and its absolutely normal. Take a moment to call them.

28. When you check in at a hostel, make sure to ask about the prices of the common items, taxi etc. You can either ask from other travellers who stayed for a long time there or even the receptionist. This can save you so much money by not falling into scams.

29. Lookout for the best and new hostels to stay after considering the reviews. The place you stay is important as it can alter the mood of your travel days.

30. Have a copy of your important travel documents stored in your phone and also a hard copy. You never know when something can go wrong.

Finally, Good Luck with your backpacking fam. I wish you a safe journey ahead and if you have any doubts feel free to comment below. Also, if you are the one who have done backpacking before, feel free to comment the tips you think I am missing here, so that I can update the post and help our fellow travellers who are going to travel a journey like never before.

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